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Are you looking for new ways to communicate with your members? The Virginia Society of Association Executives (VSAE) will hold its Annual Conference this May and there will be a seminar by Dr. Dale Paulson on member segmentation and target marketing.


Title:    “Nine Member Types and Target Marketing for Associations”

Presenter: Dale Paulson, Ph.D. and President of Allegiance Research Group

Date:   Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time:   10:30 a.m. to Noon

Where: The National Conference Center in Lansdowne, VA


For more information about the VSAE Conference and their registration fee please visit For more information about the member segments and target marketing please visit Dale Paulson’s Web site at


If you have a chance to attend he would enjoy meeting you.

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We are often asked, “What are the YTheyJoin profiles of various associations?” YTheyJoin™ identifies nine types of members based on their professional needs and motivations. Each association has a unique mix and an organization dominated by Relevant Participants and Shapers is very different from one dominated by Altruistics and Boosters. After doing the research, we give each association a pie chart to show their mix and here are the top three categories for three national associations.


An association of land developers:

Relevant Participants




An association of doctors:



Relevant Participants


An association of nurses:





Some associations also like to break out a profile of full members and associate members, or national members and local chapters, and the differences can help you provide more effective services and spend money more efficiently.


Our program shows how to do target marketing based on the nine member types. For example, the first paragraph of renewal letters should change for each member type: a letter to Relevant Participants should emphasize meetings and speakers; while a letter to Cognoscenti should emphasize publications and opportunities to write.


Learn more at or call us at 703-772-5362.

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Dispatch from Washington, DC also known this week at Snowmaggedon! Yes we are still here but life has become eat/sleep/shovel then eat/sleep/shovel. Up to 30 inches of snow in many places and drifts up to five feet.


During this time I re-discovered a favorite place on the web and you may also enjoy it. It is and it features lectures by influential and innovative thinkers on a wide range of subjects. Some of my favorites are scientists and the woman who brings a brain into the room and sets it on a table. This week was especially interesting because they held their annual conference and it was covered in the press. Keynote speakers included Bill Gates and Jamie Oliver.


Jamie Oliver, a famous chef, also received the annual Ted Prize and he talked about his mission to teach children about food. He has a project in West Virginia and has brought fresh foods into the schools and also teaches children how to cook healthful meals. His goal is to cut obesity-related illness in this country and he talks about the related challenges. He wants every child to know how to cook ten healthful meals by the time they graduate high school, he wants a Food Ambassador in every supermarket, he wants truth in labeling.


A conference theme this year was simplicity over complexity. I love simplicity and believe that anyone in the research business, such as me, should strive to keep things simple and transparent. Explain findings simply. Explain how many people are in a study, how they were selected, and if it is scientific or not. Too many people say “this is what most associations do!” when in reality they do not know that for a fact – and then you in good faith believe them and make decisions based on misleading information.


Want a simple member segmentation and target marketing program? See

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There is an interesting Web site called that has hundreds of articles on a wide range of topics. Dr. Dale Paulson, President of Allegiance Research Group, writes occasional articles for Ezine and you can find them by looking under “Business” and then the sub-topics of Marketing, Non-Profits, Management, and H.R.


His newest article, just published, is “Nine Member Types – the Future of Your Association May Depend on it.” In this article he discusses the member segmentation program that he developed and that is now called YTheyJoin™. He identifies nine types of members based on their professional needs and motivations rather than traditional demographics and they include: Mailboxer; Relevant Participant; Shaper; CompShopper; Cognoscenti; Booster; Altruistic; Doubter; and Non-Relevant.


Then sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a humorous article that he recently wrote called “Ten Ways to Be Mediocre and Keep Your Association Marketing Job.”


His other articles at Ezine:

“Context is the Key to Understanding Consumer Behavior”

“Job Interviews: Do Ask, Don’t Tell”

“Is it Easier to Hire Good Workers During a Recession?”

“How to Hire a Really Bad Employee”


For more information contact us by sending an e-mail to or visit our Web site at

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The following Fact Sheets are free for the asking. Dr. Paulson wrote these for our clients and others interested in survey research. Call 703-772-5263 or e-mail and tell us which you would like.


Determining Confidence Level from Sample Size Using Your Calculator

Developing Effective Survey Questions

Achieving High Response Rates with Mail Surveys

Comparing In-Person, Phone, and Mail Surveys

The Pros and Cons of Surveys on the Web

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups

What to Consider When Writing an RFP

Thirty Questions to Consider When Doing Strategic Planning

Creating Tag Lines for a Powerful Message

Prioritizing Board Objectives by Using Fixed-Sum Preference Scales

YTheyJoin: the member segmentation program based on needs

Workplace Attitudes Test: screen for nine attitudes of job candidates

Cartoon Sequence Research: a method without asking leading questions




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