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There is an interesting Web site called that has hundreds of articles on a wide range of topics. Dr. Dale Paulson, President of Allegiance Research Group, writes occasional articles for Ezine and you can find them by looking under “Business” and then the sub-topics of Marketing, Non-Profits, Management, and H.R.


His newest article, just published, is “Nine Member Types – the Future of Your Association May Depend on it.” In this article he discusses the member segmentation program that he developed and that is now called YTheyJoin™. He identifies nine types of members based on their professional needs and motivations rather than traditional demographics and they include: Mailboxer; Relevant Participant; Shaper; CompShopper; Cognoscenti; Booster; Altruistic; Doubter; and Non-Relevant.


Then sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a humorous article that he recently wrote called “Ten Ways to Be Mediocre and Keep Your Association Marketing Job.”


His other articles at Ezine:

“Context is the Key to Understanding Consumer Behavior”

“Job Interviews: Do Ask, Don’t Tell”

“Is it Easier to Hire Good Workers During a Recession?”

“How to Hire a Really Bad Employee”


For more information contact us by sending an e-mail to or visit our Web site at

Posted By Leah Baker

Here are three more success stories from the YTheyJoin™ program. This program identifies nine types of association members, codes them, and enables you to do target marketing that is personal, timely, and very cost-effective.


Conference Promotion – An assn wanted to spend money more effectively on conference promotion so they designed different letters and resonant statements for the various YTheyJoin categories. Then, extra mailings and color brochures were sent to the categories most likely to attend while postcards were sent to the categories least likely to attend. The savings from this strategy was over $30,000 and it also resulted in increased attendance.


Publications – YTheyJoin strategies can help you strengthen ties to the assn with the member types having loose ties such as Mailboxers. Here is an effective and simple strategy to remind Mailboxers that you are meeting their needs: at the end of the calendar year, send them an “Annual Index of Articles” that were in your magazine or a “Preview of Articles” for the upcoming year.


Flip the Message – An assn with physicians and nurses as members found that they had different YTheyJoin profiles. Physicians were dominated by Cognoscenti then Altruistics, while nurses were dominated by Altruistics then Cognoscenti. As a result of this finding, the assn wrote renewal letters to physicians that emphasized access to specialized info followed by helping patients; and they flipped this message for nurses. As a result of these targeted messages, member renewal rates increased. The assn also used this strategy to market publications to physicians and nurses and book sales increased.


There are many more good ideas in our YTheyJoin Workbook. For more info please e-mail or visit the Web site at or call 703-772-5263.

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The YTheyJoin™ member types and related codes enable you to do much more powerful, sophisticated, and efficient marketing. It is targeted, personal, timely, and very cost effective. It tells the member, “We know what your specific needs are” and explains how you are meeting these needs and expectations. It also helps you deal with unexpected surprises that occasionally arise for an association whether it is public relations or proposed legislation, and it can also help you sell products. Here are some real-life success stories from associations that use YTheyJoin.


Finding Members – an assn decided to send renewal letters to lapsed members based on their YTheyJoin categories. For example, the letter to Relevant Participants emphasized upcoming meetings and speakers while the letter to Cognoscenti emphasized new publications. They got a positive return of 8% to 22% (rates varied by YTheyJoin member types) resulting in unexpected revenues of $23,000.


Averting Disaster by Mobilizing Quickly – a national assn needed to mobilize quickly to stop proposed state legislation at the committee level that would negatively impact its members. They did this by identifying all the Altruistics in that state who then contacted legislators and this coalition was successful in its mission. Now this network of Altruistics is managed by assn employees who regularly keep in touch and spur them to quick action when needed.


Board Relations  – The YTheyJoin pie chart is all it takes to show your board what the members are really about! It dramatically shows the unique distribution of member types in your assn. An assn dominated by Boosters and Altruistics is very different from an assn dominated by Mailboxers and Shapers. The board of one assn asked why conference attendance is usually 15% of members rather than 30% and the YTheyJoin pie chart revealed the answer. It showed that the member types most likely to attend were close to 15%. Mystery solved.


Read three more success stories in the next blog article!


There are many more good ideas in our YTheyJoin Workbook. For more info please e-mail or visit the Web site at or call 703-772-5263.

Posted By Leah Baker

We identify 9 types of association members based on their professional needs and expectations. Our program called YTheyJoin™ was developed using scientific methodology. (For more info about its development and the extensive crosstabs, please see the book by Dr. Dale Paulson, “Allegiance: Fulfilling the Promise of One-to-One Marketing for Associations.”) 



         “YTheyJoin – Nine Member Types”

Mailboxers – want info through mail or computer

Relevant Participants – want to attend meetings

Shapers – want to be on committees and shape policy

CompShoppers – compare assn to other sources of info or benefits

Cognoscenti – want specialized info not available elsewhere

Boosters –  want assn to improve their image

Altruistics – believe in your mission and want a leg voice

Doubters – resist change and new initiatives

Non-Relevants – retiring or changing professions


Can you guess which member types dominate your assn? Here are the top three member types for some national assns, taken from the Allegiance book.


US Chamber of Commerce: Altruistics 51%, Mailboxers 31%, Cognoscenti 7% 

Urban Land Institute: Relevant Participants 31%, Altruistics 23%, Shapers 21%

Am Soc of Assn Execs: Mailboxers 38%, Cognoscenti 18%, Relev Part's 17%


Each assn that does YTheyJoin receives a Pie Chart showing the distribution of member types in their assn, a Summary of Implications, and a Workbook with marketing ideas for each type. For more info call 703-772-5263 or e-mail

Posted By Leah Baker

My company has many resources available that are free of charge. For example, please see the list of fourteen Fact Sheets listed in the July 21st article in this blog.


We also have a PowerPoint presentation that explains the YTheyJoin™ program. This program describes nine types of association members based on their needs and motivations, how to identify them, and how to do target marketing. This methodology was developed by Dr. Dale Paulson several years ago and he is the sole provider. If you would like a copy of the presentation, or for Dr. Paulson to visit your office to discuss it, just send us an e-mail or call. There is no oblgiation.


Here are the nine types of association members.



Relevant Participants









For more info, e-mail or call 703-772-5263 or visit the Web site at (Please note that YTheyJoin and the nine member categories are trademarked by Dale Paulson.)



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