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Leah Baker
Owner of Survey Research Company
Washington, DC Area
My background is research and I have done membership, readership, and compensation surveys for over 100 national associations. This work includes mail and Internet surveys as well as open-ended research, development of tag lines, and board relations. One of my most successful projects is member segmentation based on member needs rather than traditional demographic categories and I will cover this in the blog. I started with a Master's Degree in Political Science that included several statistics courses from hell, then moved on to the Census Bureau where I became Project Director of criminal justice statistics, and then started my own research company based in the Washington, DC area. Clients include the Am Assn for the Advancement of Science, Population Reference Bureau, Nat School Boards Assn, Am Diabetes Assn, Am Inst of Architects, Assn of Otolaryngology Admin's, etc. There are many more but if you are not impressed by now what can I do?! Here is my contact info. ARG 3213 Duke Street, Suite 803 Alexandria, VA 22314 USA Earth