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Posted By Leah Baker

This is a continuation from the previous article where I described how we developed a new tag line for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). It was formerly Future Homemakers of America and over 60 years they evolved to include boys as well as girls, and these students were involved in a wide range of community activities. Now they needed a tag line to explain exactly how FCCLA was different from other youth organizations.


The previous article described the process of counting points, and we included both teachers/advisers and students in the process. Since it is a student-driven organization, the teachers/advisers felt that students should take the lead. For example, teachers and advisers liked the term “future leaders” but students did not like it because they felt they are leaders now. Consider some of the most popular words and how they scored.


The Word        Teachers/Advisers       Students

Potential          320 points                     65 points

Leadership      130 points                   105 points

Build                 30 points                     75 points


Because the word “leadership” tested well in both groups, its inclusion in the final tag line is no surprise. The clear tag line winner was “The Ultimate Leadership Experience” for students, teachers, and advisers, and the FCCLA Board of Directors approved it very quickly. This tag line sets FCCLA apart from other youth organizations, conveys boldness, and enhances the organization’s efforts to create a new future. For more info see or e-mail

Posted By Leah Baker

Tag lines are powerful for their ability to establish a memorable image and streamline an organization’s mission statement. Here is one challenge and how we solved it.


The Challenge: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) had changed its name from Future Homemakers of America. Across nearly six decades they had evolved to include boys as well as girls, and to provide a wide range of programs from child development to community youth violence prevention. But the message about how it is different was still not getting across. They hired a firm to facilitate meetings to find a tag line but the groups kept getting deadlocked and could not make progress.


Then they came to us because they know we have a unique methodology for research and breaking logjams - to find the best tag line, count points! We call this methodology Fixed-Sum Preference Scales.


Developing a new tag line was a key part of creating a new image for FCCLA and to find the best tag line we counted points. In focus groups we gave various members 100 points and asked them to spend their points on possible tag lines or words they found the most appealing. One tag line or word could receive all 100 points or the points could be spread among several options. The top picks were then tested again with another 100 points. This allows quantification of the entire process to produce a clear winner. It is also easier for respondents than ranking long lists and it is more effective because it reveals both preference and intensity.


In this process we are going from the general to the specific. The next blog article will describe how various words measured up, and the resulting new tag line.


To learn more about our unique research methodologies visit or call 703-772-5263 or e-mail

Posted By Leah Baker

The Allegiance Research Group has several Fact Sheets that are free for the asking and that answer many questions about research. Over the years, the most popular one has consistently been “Determining Confidence Level from Sample Size Using Your Calculator.” The list of Fact Sheets is listed below and if you would like some, just e-mail or call 703-772-5263.


1. Determining Confidence Level from Sample Size Using your Calculator

2. Developing Effective Survey Questions

3. Achieving High Response Rates (60% or more) with Mail Surveys

4. Comparing In-Person, Phone, and Mail Surveys

5. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups

6. What to Consider When Writing an RFP

7. Thirty Questions to Consider When Doing Strategic Planning

8. The Pros and Cons of Surveys on the Web

9. YTheyJoin™ - the member segmentation program based on needs

10. Prioritizing Objectives of Board Members by Using Fixed-Sum Preference Scales

11. Developing an Index for Mass Media Exposure

12. Creating Tag Lines for a Powerful Message

13. Workplace Attitudes Test™ - screening the work-related attitudes of job candidates

14. Cartoon Sequence Research™ - a method of research without asking leading questions



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