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By Dale Paulson, Ph.D., President of Allegiance Research Group, Here is a Humorous Look at Hiring


If you wanted, for some unknown reason, to hire the worst possible employee how would you proceed? I’m talking the worst, the absolute worst. The type of person with their own agenda, impossible to supervise, petty, quick to take offense, and on their best days hinting that they have a great lawyer and that they know their rights. But how do you know that you’ve found a really bad employee? Much like jury consultants who ask prospective jurors about their attitudes related to our legal system, you should ask prospective employees about their work-related attitudes.


Some problematic work-related attitudes include the following: an over-developed sense of importance; a sense that they are special; and a belief that they don’t have to do anything extra because they are already there. We see this in the former beauty queen who refuses to give up her tiara. It’s called deservedness or a sense of entitlement.


As we continue our search for the bad employee, we look for a lack of empathy. The inability or disinclination to see things from the other person’s perspective. Rhett Butler’s famous comment, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” is humorous in movies but not on the job. “Do you have this in a size five?” “Frankly, my dear . . .” We also need some pettiness and a good memory for remembering slights. If you can’t hold a grudge, you don’t qualify here. “Tower, this is Aardvark 551, requesting permission to proceed to runway one eight.” “Aardvark 551, do you remember what you said the last time you were here?”


There you have some contextual attitudes that identify bad employees. It works the other way too-we can help you identify good employees. We use the contextual attitudes of the workplace (we have identified nine) to evaluate potential employees. All you need to do is have the job candidate take our Workplace Attitudes Test of 45 questions and we’ll evaluate it for you. You receive a bar graph that summarizes the individual’s work-related values and an overall score. This makes you a better interviewer. Now you can use the Workplace Attitudes Test to hire really bad or really good employees, the choice is up to you. The neat thing is, you won’t be doing it by accident. Remember, just because Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird doesn’t mean you have to hire one! Call 703-772-5263 or visit




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