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YTheyJoin identifies nine types of association members based on their motivations for joining and this article discusses one of them, Boosters™.


Why do they join? What makes them tick? How should you communicate with them effectively? What will they do for the association? Need some members to organize an awards program or to promote your certification program? Just ask Boosters!


Boosters look to the association to enhance their status or that of the industry or profession. This is particularly true of associations that represent specialties, set standards, or provide certification. They want the association to do public relations campaigns or ads, to announce awards, and to have a presence in media of all types. They also like the association to provide them with logo material and brochures. The bottom line is they want help with upward mobility or help with increasing their business.


During recessions, Boosters can be a key to restoring success. Target them to do member-get-a-member campaigns or to give talks about the benefits of membership including the prestige it provides. The general public may not be aware of the many services your association provides and its value to the community, and the Boosters will help get this message out there. If you have a certification program, Boosters may be more likely to buy this service than other members.


Letters or appeals to Boosters should include mention of important press releases by your association, and the various ways that you recognize membership tenure such as certificates or pins. The Booster is one of nine member groups identified by the YTheyJoin Program (see previous blog articles). Like Shapers, they will work hard for the organization and can be a great resource.


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