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Allegiance Research Group has a pre-employment test that enables employers to look at nine attitudes relevant to the workplace and identify possibly warning signals. A person’s attitudes are predictive of good or poor customer relations, and harmonious or disruptive workplace behavior. Our test is “The Workplace Attitudes Test” and it looks at the following attitudes:












The test includes 45 questions and usually takes about ten minutes, then results are summarized in a bar chart where each of the attitudes is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The test can be taken on the Internet or by paper. This is a proven tool for organizations and is used by associations, hospital systems, police academies, government agencies, etc.


When looking at work-related attitudes it is important to understand your own work environment. For example, a formal organization may desire an employee who is low on “risk-inclined,” while an informal organization may desire an employee who is more “risk-inclined” if they are looking for entrepreneurial ideas or if they reward initiative.


Some organizations may prefer a certain combination of attitudes. For example, law enforcement may expect high “judgmental” but it should be coupled with moderate or low “egocentric.” Remember that you are looking for a good match for your organization.


The test should be used in conjunction with good interviewing techniques and other good practices related to hiring and promoting. Attending to these results will make you a better interviewer and if you would like more info please visit our Web site at or call 703-772-5263.

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