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Your association is connected. You do social media. You know about mobile devices. You may even have a Director or VP for New Media! But how do you make sense of it all and know which members want what? YTheyJoin identifies nine types of members and here are some ideas for serving them with new media. The focus here is on four of the member types.


Altruistics: Use Twitter to send updates on pending legislation; use Facebook to create a grassroots community to support causes or undertake a major volunteer activity.


Cognoscenti: Ask them to write on topics relevant to your association for Wikipedia; put a short video on YouTube introducing the association’s Meeting Director who reviews the steps that speakers need to take before the next big meeting.


Mailboxers: Use Linkedin to create a group or network for your members who are dispersed around the country or the world and have little face-to-face interaction with the association; use blogs or ask some of these members to blog for your association.


Boosters: Go to and find topics where Boosters can write quick articles related to your association activities or “how to” articles; use list serves to start discussions on a variety of topics.


In your next member survey, consider asking how many use mobile devices such as i-phones or blackberries. Do they carry them all the time? How often do they check for info or messages? (And have you taken a look on Twitter to see what people are saying about your association?) Remember that members have different expectations on how you communicate with them and how quickly you get back to them. Send an e-mail to a person in their twenties and they are likely to get back to you in 5 minutes!


Have a new-media day!


For more info please call 703-772-5263 or e-mail or visit our Web site at

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