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With target marketing you segment your members into various types, and I like to segment them into nine types. These types are based on the member’s professional needs and expectations, not on traditional demographics. It is part of a program called YTheyJoin based on why they paid the dues. The key question always is: Why did you join the association?


1. Mailboxers-(snail or electronic) want concise info/no time to mingle

2. Relevant Participants-like to attend meetings for info or to network

3. Shapers-like to serve on committees, help shape assn policy

4. CompShopers-look for value such as discounts/benefits

5. Cognoscenti-like the publications or opportunity to write/speak

6. Boosters-like the assn to boost the image of the profession

7. Altruistics-believe in your mission and legislative action

8. Doubters-tend to resist change and new initiatives

9. Non-Relevants-may be retiring or changing professions


I will discuss each type in later blog articles, and provide marketing ideas for each, but first you need to learn the three steps to implement a simple target-marketing system and this is in the next article.


(Please note that YTheyJoin and the nine member categories are trademarks of ARG.)

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