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     Yes, mass marketing is so 1990's. Spend spend/waste waste. You spend lots of money on mailings to random lists, assuming everyone is the same, to achieve maybe a two-percent response rate. Think of all the paper you sent that ended up in a trash can. Way over ninety-percent of the people you contacted rejected you and how can this be good for your association?

     Did you know there is a better way? Did you know there is a way to achieve high response rates? Did you know there is a way to save a lot of trees? And you can look like a star in the process!

     Sure, it is easy to sit back and send the same letter to everyone or have a vendor do this. If that is your nature, then you will not be interested in this blog. For those who are looking for a better way to serve members, to save money, to increase retention, and to make their jobs more interesting please read on.

     No, this is not about data mining that takes a lot of time and money, is based on past behavior, and gives you little information about newer members. And this is not about membership surveys that go to a small random sample and the results remain anonymous.

     This is about target marketing and the best way to do this is to get to know your members--learn about their professional needs--and record this information in their member record. Want to sell books? Go to those who say they are interested in your publications. Need help with legislative affairs? Go to those who say they are interested in grassroots efforts. Want to staff committees? Go to those who say they are ready to serve.

     I can hear you now! "My database is a mess!" "My to-do list is very long right now!"

     Hey, target marketing as I describe it can go into any database and the time involved is small. As a matter of fact, it will save you time overall. Target marketing takes three steps and I will describe them in my next blog article.





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