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After you id the nine types of YTheyJoin™ members (each type was described in previous blog articles as well as the methodology to id each member), you can design targeted services and communications. For example, instead of writing the same renewal letter to everyone, design different letters for the nine types and use resonant statements for each group. Here are examples of Resonant Statements:


(Mailboxers) We know that your time is extremely valuable and that your primary involvement with our assn is through the mail or Web. You want info that is concise, relevant, and up-to-date.


(Relevant Participants) We know that when possible you like to attend our assn meetings to obtain relevant information or meet others in the field, or to buy/sell at the Expo.


(Shapers) We know that you do, or want to, actively participate in our assn by helping to shape policy, serve on a committee, or lead a chapter.


(Cognoscenti) We know that you look to our assn for info that is not available elsewhere or for opportunities to write or speak.


(Boosters) We know that you look to our assn to be a leader in the field or to help you advance in the profession by providing certification.


(Altruistics) We know that you believe in the values and mission of our assn. to ensure the safety of the public and provide a voice in Washington.


Look for a sample renewal letter in the next blog article. To learn more please visit or call 703-772-5263 or e-mail

Posted By Leah Baker

YTheyJoin identifies nine types of association members based on their motivations for joining and this article discusses one of them, Cognoscenti™.


Why do they join? How should you communicate with them effectively? What will they do for the assn? Need some writers or speakers? Just contact the Cognoscenti members!


Cognoscenti join because they want specialized info they believe they cannot get elsewhere. This includes your magazine, journal, newsletters, Web site, directories, library services, etc. Some may want to write, speak or teach. Unlike the Mailboxer type who wants quick and concise info, the Cognoscenti type takes the time to read and study.


Letters or appeals to Cognoscenti should include announcements of technical or scholarly studies sponsored by your assn. Emphasize the availability of up-to-date data and statistics, and consider asking for feedback to ensure they are receiving what they need. Examples include compensation surveys, trends analysis, sales or hiring statistics in their field, etc. If your assn provides certification programs many Cognoscenti members may be interested.


Cognoscenti are also resources. Ask if they would like to serve in a Speaker’s Bureau, submit articles for publication, or teach seminars. If you publish specialized books, gather Cognoscenti members to discuss new ideas and some may submit book proposals. Are they aware that you may have research grants?


At renewal time ask what topics, leaders in the field, or types of studies interest them and consider sending a discount coupon for a publication. Write a renewal letter just for Cognoscenti showing how you met their needs during the past year and how you will continue doing so. These are called resonant statements.


People are always complimented when you ask for their opinions - - if you don’t ask them, someone else will!


For more info about the program go to or call 703-772-5263 in the U.S.




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